Interview of Mr. Sanjeev Malhotra (FCA, FCS, ACMA, L.LB) by Finaccle Club

  • Published :2 years ago /1199

Welcome Mr Malhotra, 
It is indeed a matter of great privilege for us to interact with you. I understand that you manage quite busy schedule, here we have couple of questions to understand more about you. 
Q.    You have moved from being in the Industry for 17 years to providing consultancy on Indirect Tax Matters, just if you could share what was main impetus behind taking step for such a big transition in your career?

 After serving in industry in all the fields of Finance, Accounting, tax, secretarial and legal matters. I wanted to pursue my passion in taxation laws. 

Q -    Right from early start of your independent practice as Indirect Tax Consultant in Year 2003, you have been releasing one book after another, apart from your other massive engagements, such as serving your clients, frequent TV appearance, participation as guest speaker in various seminars etc. It would be great if you can share as to what schedule do you follow to make this happen.

One must understand that a professional remains a student till his death. As a professional, I need to read a lot, at least 3-5 hours a day. Since I enjoy reading, I find it easy to devote at least this much time. This reading gives you inputs to serve your clients, do research for your writings and to carry out other professional assignments, may be TV appearances as an expert or speaker in some seminar etc.

Q.    What should your followers expect from you regarding your upcoming books and the expected time in which it will be available?
Now a days I am working on the detailed commentary on GST laws and Procedure. The book can be expected in next 2-3 months time. 

Q.    How do you spend your leisure time?
I spend my leisure time discussing with friends on professional issues or being with my family.

Q.    Who would you like to give the credit of your success?
I would give credit to my wife, who always stood besides me in whatever option I chose.

Q.    How do you keep yourself updated in your busy schedule? What all sources of information do you usually track regularly?
Now a days there is excess of information. There are multiple channels of information but one must apply one’s logical mind to distinguish between a right and wrong information. I would suggest that one should never believe in information coming from an unknown source.

Q.    You have almost all professional qualifications i.e. FCA, FCS, ACMA, LLB? Is there any other ambition as well that you wish to pursue in near future?

Not on academic front. Though I wish to continue researching on taxation laws.

Q8.    You are a role model for entire professional fraternity. Coming out of industry after working for so many years and then building your personal brand as one of most reputed GST Consultant of the country. What golden advice would you like to give to other fellow professional for success?
Believe in reading a lot as there are no short cuts.

Q.    You have accomplished so much in your career. Out of those, which accomplishment to date you are most proud of?
I get emotional when I find my admirers / readers at seminars or elsewhere who come and compliment me for my writings.

Q.    What do you think are the most important things to be successful in life?

Keep striving hard. 

Q.    What all sacrifices you made to reach at this stage ?
Sacrifices are made by the family of a professional. Professional enjoys devoting time to profession and his passion of reading.

Q.    What has been most satisfying moment in your career?
Making suggestions to Finance Ministry and Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers on draft GST laws.

Q.    What are the skills that are most important for a position in your field? What skills have helped you the most?
Strong common sense and logical mind.

Q.    Now since GST has become a reality and now firming its roots in entire business eco-system with E-way bill as the latest development, we are now moving toward more governance environment. Do you think that GST would be able to stop entire black marketing from its roots in times to come.
GST is evolving. To imagine that its evolution is complete is a wrong thought. In times to come it will supplement the Income Tax and Income tax will supplement the GST. It is going to be a very strong economic and Fiscal tool in the hands of Govt.